5 Tips To Maintain Slim body, Even If You Eat More.

Girl running to get slim body

Yes! You can eat more and manage to maintain slim body.

No! It is not a Joke. See how to become slim.

Eating nonstop and not getting fat is like everyone’s dream come true. Only a few manage to do that as their body is unaffected to their diet. They are apathetic to the calories in food.

In today’s world it’s like a gift from God as we have many varieties of food to loose our control over. So eating more and maintaining a slim body seems like a stone which is not achievable.

Everyone is born with certain body type and everyone is not fortunate enough to possess it. So rather brooding, sulking and lingering over it we just need to find effortless steps to maintain slim body.

Let me explain it to you through a real example of mine. As I told I am a big foodie so it was very difficult for me to have control over my diet. I started dieting.

I used to be quite happy that I was following my diet chart meticulously. I followed it for a weak and soon after that I started getting frustrated over silly things. I started losing my temper over  things which I could have easily ignored out of fun.

I realized that my craving for certain kind of foods which was being suppressed by me to maintain my diet was the result of my irritation. My hunger was not getting satiated. I used to sleep with empty stomach. I used to starve for rest of the time thinking of the food that I wanted to eat.

I lost focus on my work and decision making capabilities. I used to get exhausted very early. I thought, there was no way to eat more and get slim body.


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After facing all these consequences I thought of following the traditional method of losing weight. I thought of experimenting a new way to become slim Below are the 5 slim body ideas:-

  • I decided to eat everything I wanted, in smaller quantities and on regular intervals.
  • I applied the same concept with my exercises as well.I decided to take stairs over lifts.
  • I asked myself that, why not going for a walk (talking 4 to 6 Rounds for 5 minutes) after every meal.
  • Why not stop boarding taxis even for a kilometre distance.
  • Just manage 15 minutes for easy yoga steps everyday.    
  • Don’t forget to drink warm water before sleeping and and also in the morning.


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I was able to see the difference in just a month. It encouraged me to continue with the same technique and motivate others for the same.The gist of the story is that we should not feel hopeless or get envious of others .

We should find ways to resolve a problem, than to sit and find excuses. Those who are naturally slim they don’t worry about workouts and food intakes.

On the other side, those who work-out can get into any shape and develop a personality which is jaw-dropping. On the other hand, i am talking here about the third category, who can maintain the slim body by following the above mentioned steps of mine.

So eat more and stay slim is the concept, which can be followed easily. Try it from today. Wish you a good health!


                                                                                       -By Sushant Kumar


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