Be a patient listener

Become A Patient Listener- Its Better To Learn From Experiences Of People.

Being a good and patient listener is a talent. If you were not born with this talent, develop it now! A Major problem in today’s world which many people suffer from is hastiness. I say this and as you read this, some of you might have already recollected few of the instances where in you […]

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India’s Independence Day

India’s Independence Day- Struggle Ended Or Started?

India’s Independence Day, reminds us the struggle for freedom. What does Independence mean to you?   Freedom is the birthright of every individual. India got freedom on August 15th 1947. We celebrate that day as India’s Independence Day. Temptation to enhance more wealth and to earn fame and power led our country, India, slave to the Britishers […]

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Take Care Of Aging Parents like you kids

Take Care Of Aging Parents Like Your Children- Feel Them

Childhood repeats itself, so don’t expect your old parents to be sensible enough to understand things. Take care of aging parents like you do for your children. Do remember that children just demand, they like most and they just understand the language of love. Why cannot you stay out of this? Karan shouted. Why do […]

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Relationships breakup or divorce

Multiple Reasons To Celebrate Relationships Breakup Or Divorce.

Have you celebrated relationships breakup or still ruining you days? Relationships breakup or divorce is a new beginning, so trust me you are enough to live happily. Whole the world’s happiness lies in you. Learn, how to deal with breakup or divorce. You must be feeling excited. You have separated yourself from your spouse. I […]

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