BPO Jobs Are Always Available, But There Is No Stable Career.

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If you are one of the crowd, who also gives such statement, I believe, you must be a jack in some other field  with stable career.

If you are the one who works in a BPO and says this, Change your mindset and see things with a broad mind.

If you are the one who does not have any job in hand and say that BPO jobs do not have stable Career, then for you, I have to say that “look who is saying”.

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My Friends! BPO jobs do have stable career. Open your eyes and see it!

  • A trend started few years back, where-in every youngster apart from thinking about career and future, wanted to be a part of BPO or a “call centre”.  I keep career and BPO as two separate things, because that is how we have always have thought about.
  • If we see, the only motive of a youth in Joining a BPO today, is to earn lot of money to support their desire of buying a costly phone, branded dresses, paying phone bills and partying over weekends.
  • I do not say that desiring for all these things are bad or not good. It is always great to enjoy your hard-earned money. Instead, I would like to draw your attention to the things which we might not have ever seen.
  • BPO/ call centre does portray a bright career opportunity and as I say this have many examples to Quote and stories to tell.
  • The best part of working in a BPO is, you do not require a High degree or qualification. A person who is a normal BA graduate Is evaluated on the same parameters on which an MBA degree holder is evaluated.
  • There are many people who have invested lot of money in their studies and then are unable to get an opportunity as per their professional degrees. However, there are other kinds of people who are stable in their career without taking any professional degrees.
  • In BPO sector apart from enhancing one’s speaking and presentation skills, if one is focussed, there is a lot of career scope in it. One can easily reach to a manager level in less than four years if focused towards the work.
  • As per a recent study, the BPO industry as grown tremendously and is supposed to increase more by this year end. Interpersonal skills get enhanced more and more.
  • The Myth that goes in a BPO industry is one must either make calls or receive calls and thus it only deals in call handling. Over the years if I see apart from this, there are opportunities in Quality, Training, operations, Team handling, Hiring, HR and many more.
  • If I would look at it, BPO is one of the industry where in one can find a diverse work culture with multiple opportunities and a more stable career than any other industry, without investing much.
  • These days, You will find all big companies like, TCS, IBM, DEll, Adobe, HCL, Wipro and many more with their BPO units. Customer service is one of the important parts of any business these days. If you do not see any scope in this industry. I am sorry to say that you are blind.


                                                                        – By Sajan

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