Dear Dowry, Kindly Stop Being A Status Symbol In India!

Dowry Sarcasm

I am an Indian and dowry indicates a person’s wealth or high social or professional status here in my country.

It is egregious and I am ashamed of it!

O, Dowry! People of my country are well aware that you are the one who is responsible for every girl child getting killed everyday in different regions.

So let me make it clear that whenever a girl child gets killed That is not only her parent’s sin, It is a sin of the entire society. A father who is really poor and not capable enough to earn that much of amount to purchase a groom for his daughter, he kills.

He kills because every boy in India leaves this thing on his parents, and the parents put their efforts to get as much as they can. They make statements in the society proudly about the amount they got for their son. That amount indicates, what is their social status as compared to others at the same place.


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Father of a daughter always seems bowed in a beggarly pose in the entire wedding function, just because of this system.

It is not a culture that every girl’s father will always be showing extra humility to the groom’s family. It is because most of the time a father fails to manage the complete money for dowry, that  is why he seems in that offensive mode.

Every poor or middle class woman looks concerned of giving birth to a girl child. Dowry, you are responsible for it.

Save girl child, as they also have equal rights to come into existence. People say that once the society will be educated, these issues will disappear by the time. But in fact, well educated people demand much amount as compared to the illiterate ones.

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Daughter-in-laws get burned because of this dowry system.

When a bride comes with the less amount of dowry, she struggles a lot. Her any talent or being of good person and having good character, does not even stand in front of the dowry matter. In elite class, they need perfect bride but dowry is necessary.

Friends! This matter gets discussed here in our country in this 20th century also, it is a matter of shame. Everyday we find one or more news article on killing a woman because of dowry. Can we change this thing and develop a society free of such things.

Think about this and start from your own family. Charity begins at home. Throw such people out of your group, who proudly tell the story of someone getting huge dowry in their family. It happens only in India. So India, please take care!


                                                                                     – By Sushant Kumar


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