Sense Of Dressing

Developing A Good Sense Of Dressing Is Important.


Do you take care of your clothing, how is your Sense Of Dressing?

A good sense of dressing, says a lot about you.

The word apparel interests everybody whether it’s men or women. Most of our salary goes on getting suitable attires which attract us. We do not think twice before spending on clothes. But the question is, are we spending correctly?

Are your clothes worth spending? Being spendthrift is not an issue but, is it benefiting us in any way? Are we spending on correct things? Today the people of India can be categorized in two ways.

One, who are brand conscious and the others, who do not care for it. I do not want to comment on this compartmentalization, as everyone has their prerogative to wear what they like.

Some like to look all posh classy and perfect while some prefers to shop from flea market, as they are pocket friendly. It does not matter where you shop from as long as you are dressed up to the tee.


A pair of jeans and top bought for you, from local market can also be great if you have good dressing sense.

You should know, how to carry yourself. Except for some brand freaks no one would be interested in knowing whether your apparels are branded or not.


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All they would do, they would appreciate the way you are dressed up from bottom to top. In short, what all matters are, how much importance do you give to your clothing and how you carry yourself and standout in the crowd? A good sense of dressing is one of the best tips of personality development.


To have good sense of dressing, first you should focus on quality over quantity.

Spending more on your clothes does not seem to be much if it’s really worth it. Clothes have the power to change you drastically. It builds immense self confidence in you, makes you presentable in front of people and finally leads you to success.

As only a confident person can succeed and the way you dress, adds a lot to it. In the first place people do not know you, so when you will meet them firstly, what they would all see is, how you are dressed up.


On the basis of your dressing sense people form a perception of you. So it depends on yours clothing, whether to form a good or bad impression of you on others.

For Instance if you have a presentation in your office and if you are not dressed up properly, people won’t take you seriously and won’t take much interest. You might be very good at expressing yourself.


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On the other hand if you reach office properly dressed with all formals, people would feel that, see how serious you are towards your work and that they will like your proposal and would appreciate you either.


One who is presentable, that will be sell-able.( In Hindi Language it is said that ” Jo Dikhta Hai, Wahi Bikta Hai”.)

Gone are the days when you just had to have knowledge and just on that you get things work out for yourself. Today the time has changed. First you will have to be presentable so that the world listens to what you say.

It will make you tempting and you will be preferred over others. When you attend a party properly dressed people rave shot you, how well you are dressed up. That brings out positivity around you and you feel more confident than ever.

In today’s scenario to become successful a blend of two things are required. First and foremost is how you carry yourself in public so that people notice you and secondly the way you speak.

If you have these two qualities in you there is no one who can stop you from achieving what you aspire for be it in corporate life or your personal life. Always keep in mind that, when you spend on yours clothing, you invest in yourself. So investing in your-self, never goes in vain.

                                                                               -By Kumar

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