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Don’t Think Too Much About Life! All Happens For Your Good.

Life Control Mind Control

Do whatever you want to do, don’t think too much for anything.

Sometimes, it is better to grow with the flow. So take things easy and just live the moments.

“I am thinking about it”, “I am not sure whether it is good or bad for me, so I will have to think”, “I enjoy time with him/her, but not sure if I love that person”,  almost everyday we listen to these statements around us.

How good is it to plan every bit of time, whether it is for you job or for personal life? Planning is important, but not for every bit of time you have or in every second act of your life.

To live happily, do allow yourself to grow with the flow for some small moves of your life.

Life is full of surprises, and you never know where and when it will bring happy surprises for you, so don’t think too much before doing something. Thinking too much leads you to the searches like causes of depression, causes of high blood pressure or causes of low BP.


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Thinking too much on any project, whether it is small or big, delays it. This delay steals your time from you which will never come back to you. Most of us have plans to enjoy life after completion of our favorite projects.

These projects might be daughter’s wedding for someone or might be a certain level of financial freedom. For some of us it is completion of our entire education or for some of us, it is never there in our plans. None of your age will come back to you.

Always remember that certain tasks belong to certain age groups and suit them only. So waiting for the happiest time to come to enjoy life, will only steal your chances, so make current moment suitable to enjoy. Tomorrow never comes.

Don’t think too much before giving love to someone because time gives only few chances, so rather than missing this chance, mess with this.

If somebody loves you, give love to that person. Don’t stay in confusion or don’t thing about it that seriously to let this lower down your BP. If that person loves you and is a nice person, then is it necessary to wait for the same feeling to come in your heart.

It is observed that when we seek love, we do not get the true love. But when we get a true love, we miss it most of the time as, we keep thinking about our feelings to develop at that point of time.


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Always remember that, God/Universe is the most powerful game planner, that gives us chances when we do not recognize it, and makes it tough to get, when we seek a chance. That is how the game of life becomes interesting for us as well as universe.

Don’t take yourself too seriously, it harms you internally and makes you rigid on your wrong decisions also.

My friend says that, I loved someone but he cheated and now I don’t have feelings for anybody. She says I am happy in this state of mine, though she is not. Happiness does not need to be proved by your statement, it shines on your face.

Let many things come in a fun way to you and don’t think too much about the result of it. Don’t think too much about success, money family, power, job or any second thing. Think of your happines in a quick moment and go with the flow.

Universe will work on your behalf to make your moves working for you. Thinking too much can only bring weariness and it lets many chances get missed. Grab your chances now, either it will bring happy surprises or this will bring experiences and learning.

                                                                               By- Kumar

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