Failures Are The Pillars Of Success

Failures Are The Pillars Of Success.


Why do we say that, Failures are the pillars of success?

Because success comes from experiences and experiences come from failed attempts.

Have you ever experienced depression, because you failed to achieve your goal, even after great efforts? Okay! So, stay in depression, if it can help you achieve your target next time.

Regretting your failure and going into depression is not the solution. It will not help you to fulfill your dreams, but, it will even lower down the chances of achieving it next time. “Failures are the pillars of success” is a proverb, well defined and proved right over and again.

It’s not just a statement but has a deep meaning hidden in it. All renowned personalities have failed in some or the other walks of life, which motivated them to achieve their goals.

Those who take the failure as an example and come out of it with flying colors, set an example for dreamers.

To fail, is heart wrenching, painful and leads you to dismay. Failure overpower most of the people. It’s not easy to walk on the path of thrones for everyone. Sheer determination is required.


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How depressing failure might be, just try to look for positive aspect of it. Failure teaches us a lesson. It let us know our loop holes and gives us a second chance to work upon it and next time comes up with a bang.

It does not matter how many times you fall out in the race. What all matters, is the  strength that made you stand up and fight against your odds every time you thought of giving up.

There will be negativity all around, people will talk at your back they will try to distract you from your goal. But just give one thing in your mind, like the bird does not care about the broken branch on which he/she sits as he/she is confident on his/her wings.

The same way you should also be confident about yourself. Never let darkness dispel the brightness or the spark, which is within you.

Do not think of the consequences, hurdles or the trauma that you will have to go through. Just think of the joy which your outcome will give you.

Then your journey will get easier and you will be more dedicated towards your goal. I know that it’s very easy to lecture people and it’s not a thing of everyone.


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But the one who takes failure seriously and gives every ounce of his being to turn out his failure into success is the one, who encourages people to face difficulties and keep walking till the end.

Success does not come overnight; it takes long to convert your dream into reality.

Not everyone is able to do that, as disappointments fade your passion and make you give up and all you are left with is failure. There is a saying that to take a long hike first you need to go backward and make yourself ready and then comeback with a force which will take over everything.

Successful people have many stories to tell which inspires us and we consider them as our role model .It feels great at the moment and we feel motivated but not all are able to keep up with the same pace in the long run.

Failures might seem as losers at the moment, but it brings success in the long run. If you do not lose hope, take it positively and keep working upon your failures, Success is to come very soon to you.

Just realize your worth and stop listening to gossip-mongers. Put a silence on their mouth with success. Yes! Failures are the pillars of success.

                                                                                       -By Kumar

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