Friendship Quotes Reflect, How Unique This Bond Is.

Friendship Quotes

What is the value of friendship for you? Do you see the link of friendship quotes with reality.

Let your friends know this friendship day, that friendship band is just to tie, real bond is already tied.

A true friendship is a blessing from the god. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get a true friend, who understands you more than you do. The one, who takes care of all, that’s happening in our life, like our parents do and is always by our side.

We do not even have to express ourselves and they get to know on their own. We should consider ourselves lucky if we have come across with such kind of friendship. Friendship is something which is inexplicable in words.


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Friendship quotes, friendship day celebration, friendship cards, friendship day gifts are not enough to get a true friend. True friends can be made by connecting a bond of friendship coming out from your heart to your friend’s heart.

Friendship is a feeling which keeps you content and full of life.

Even if you are far away from home, you do not feel homesick as you have someone who is there at your low times to share your sorrow and help you overcome them. Friends also accompany you in celebrating your happiness.

A true friend is one, who will fight whenever your habits will piss him\her but will never talk at your back, instead will try to correct you on your mistakes. The one, who nags about everything, but never listens, any nonsense from anybody, about you. The one who bears your non-stop raving but never gets bored of it.

An anchor connects two people, who know each other very well and create a bond in such perfect way, that blood relations always seek for.

Have you ever think about the amazing gift of friendship, we have got from the creator. Two people, who were completely unknown to each other at some point of time, become good friends and never want to go away from each other.

Friendship is the great relationship in the world.

So the world dedicates a special day to the friendship every year. Friendship day gets celebrated on different dates in different countries. Till the time, you have a nice friend, you can rely on; your everyday is a friendship day. Friends are really priceless.


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I realised the worth of friendship a bit later when I came out of my egoistic nature, due to which, I lost a good friend of mine. I got myself understood that there is no place for ego in friendship. I corrected my mistakes.  I got my friend back and the lesson that I got to learn from being away from her is priceless.

If you won’t value friendship and take things for granted, one day, you will find yourself all alone in the crowd.

You will have everything, but won’t have someone to share your happiness with or your sorrow with. Friendship quotes cannot bring friends to you. Life is all about give and take.

If someone does something for you, you should appreciate their gesture instead of overlooking it and saying what’s so big deal in it .Friendship is a gift in disguise, so just value it and respect your friends over ego and anger.

Do not let your ego win over love. Let the bond be unbroken between you and your loving friends. Friends are the assets, which can never be purchased with money. Love is the only cost to pay to make friends.

                                                                                               -By Sushant Kumar


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