How To Make Your Meditation Effective

How To Make Your Meditation Effective- Easy Tips

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So you are also one of the majority, who practiced meditation but failed?

Have you started finding ways for how to make your meditation effective?

You failed, as you could not focus and then got irate of getting no results. Although we all are aware of the benefits of meditation but most of you do not know that how to make your meditation effective.

Meditation brings you to the state of mindfulness. Guided meditation is suggested by all veterans like “Baba Ramdev”. Following tips can definitely help you guys to bring effective meditation into your habit:-

Try to see the imaginations going through your mind while meditating.-

Oh! So you could not understand? Let me explain! When you sit to meditate, your mind wanders and you fail to focus it on one point, even for 20 seconds.

In that case, you should try to see your mind and the things going through it. In other words, compel your mind to read itself, but let me tell you that your mind will not be able read.

Keep trying to see the things flowing through your mind, so that it should not wander here and there. Let it be focused on trying to read itself. Practice this for 15 days and see the outcome.

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Always choose a noiseless place to practice meditation.-

If there will be background noise, it will definitely be a problem while trying to concentrate. See if you can use ear buds to avoid noise.


Always sit in a proper meditating position.-

More relaxing positions can reduce the level of concentration you try to gain. Always sit straight. Use a mat to sit on flat surface. Avoid using beds or couches to practice it. You can use Art of living Videos to see the correct positions.

Meditate for short duration in initial days.-

When you will start practicing it, it will be tough to meditate for long duration and you will find it boring. So It is better, that you should meditate for 90 seconds to 120 seconds for first 15 days. You can increase the time duration gradually.

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Above tips can really help people, who tried meditation but could not succeed. So what about the people who did not even try it? Ask yourself that will there be any change in your life, if your mind will become sound? If your heart says “yes”, then go ahead and give it a chance and observe the change. Above tips will help you how to make your meditation effective.

Mindfulness meditation will help you to keep your mind away from distractions. A simple practice of 5 minutes a day can make your entire day. Once it becomes your habit, you will observe an improvement in your performance in your job for sure! So do not underestimate the power of meditation.

                                                                                                                   -By Kumar

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