What Is The Importance Of Sex Education For Teenagers?

Importance of sex education

Sex is a natural activity, So why do we treat it as a guilt? I realized the importance of sex education, did you?

Feeling shame and lack of knowledge leads to the issues like teenage pregnancy. Understand the importance of Sex education .

I agree that the sex is a private matter, so in the same way piles disease is also a private matter, but we discuss that with a doctor. So why can’t we discuss sex with an expert or educator? If it can be discussed, then why can’t it be discussed in learning age?

Sex is a natural activity, which leads to good health and sound metal condition.

It does not only keep you very happy, but also gives an increased performance in other activities of life. If a person who is fit to have sex, does not get it for long time, it affects his life in many ways. People who got to do sex as per their needs at different stages of life are found to be more happier than the ones who could not manage.

Why does it happen, that neither our parents nor our teachers, ever discuss the sex or reproduction topics with us?

If sex is this much shameful according to our society, then it should not be practiced. If you do it, with just a certification to a certain relationship at a certain age, then do discuss it openly to let your children know about things they should be careful of, while going to decide about sex.


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Put hands on your heart and ask yourself that, isn’t sex a best source of pleasure and happiness to all of us?

Understand this fact, that sex is not a matter of shame. Do not fail to learn everything about sex. Better understanding of sex will not only keep you happy but it will also save you from various problems. It is said that prevention is better than cure, so be aware to be prevented.

Most of us get to know about sex from our school friends or from some videos and many of us do not even discuss it in adult age as they feel awkward.

Why does it seem that talking about sex is against our social values and  our culture?  Teenage girls from rural areas get to know about this once they have it after marriage. Teenage boys share wrong information about sex with each other because they do not have anybody sensible and interested to discuss about the facts.

If we do not understand the importance of sex education, then please see the list of problems because of lack of awareness-

  • Many of the teenage girls get pregnant before marriage and go for abortion, and their parents do not even know about this till death, as girls are afraid.
  • Teenage girls face many personal sexual problems and hide it for years and this leads to serious diseases.
  • Boys and girls do not take proper protections to keep them out of trouble.
  • Population is increasing with a drastic speed, just because of lack of knowledge.
  • Almost all child abuse cases don’t get reported, because the children themselves are not aware that the act was an abuse. 
  • Children have questions like where did they come from? what is a sanitary pad? what is a condom? and we do not feel like answering these questions.
  • People are not aware about the puberty until they do not have it, it keeps them surprised till years. they do not know why they get attracted towards a girl or a boy.
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The best discussion we do is, we allow our children to write an essay on importance of sex education. Well! It is up to you whether you want to realize the importance of sex education or not, but every teenager hides sexual decisions from their parents and lie to them because of this gap only. Whose responsibility is this? Whom are teenagers supposed to blame?

  1. Parents- who find it against the culture
  2. Teachers- who are extremely uncomfortable discussing this.
  3. Schools- who do not feel the need of it
  4. Governments- who do not have any logic discussing the same.

India ranks 3rd among st the countries having people having HIV AIDS. Do you still think that awareness about sex is not important? Ignorance leads to misconceptions and misconceptions definitely lead to disaster. Understand that what will sexuality education bring to children-

  • It will increase self awareness and which will build the courage and confidence.
  • Their knowledge and understanding will increase by knowing its actual existence.
  • It will make them a good decision maker in their sexual life.
  • It will build their skill to follow their true choices.
  • Children will not move towards early or increased sexual activities.
  • It will help them develop a positive behavior in sex and will definitely reduce negative health issues.

Please think about it and do not underestimate the importance of sex education. Let’s not let our next generation live with myths about sex and the awareness about it. Schools and governments will have to understand the importance of sex education as it is a right of our children. Stop connecting everything with our culture, values and social status. Natural acts are purely natural and divine and are completely permitted by our creator.

                                                                                       By-  Kumar

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