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Are you honest towards your job

Benefits Of Being Honest Towards The Job We Do!

Are you also the one of them who abuse the job they do? If Yes! Then have you tried to change the job and do what you loved to do? Or you tried to be honest towards the job you ...
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Dowry Sarcasm

Dear Dowry, Kindly Stop Being A Status Symbol In India!

I am an Indian and dowry indicates a person's wealth or high social or professional status here in my country. It is egregious and I am ashamed of it! O, Dowry! People of my country are well aware that you are ...
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Be Smart while choosing a life partner

Don’t Just Go With The Flow, When Choosing A Life Partner!

Compatibility is  very important while choosing a life Partner. No divorce ever happened because of other family members not being compatible with the boy or the girl. She said that my parents are very happy, as they find this guy ...
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Indian Girls

Indian Girls Are The Charm Of The Family!

Isn't it true that Indian girls are the charm of the family? Indian society is beautiful because of them. In my spare time, when no thoughts were running on my mind, I caught sight of a little girl, who was ...
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India's Independence Day

India’s Independence Day, Struggle Ended Or Started?

India's Independence Day, reminds us the struggle for freedom. What does Independence mean to you? Freedom is the birthright of every individual. India got freedom on August 15th 1947. We celebrate that day as India’s Independence Day. Temptation to enhance ...
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Raksha Bandhan pic

Raksha Bandhan, An Unbreakable Thread Of Love.

Raksha Bandhan is not just an essay topic. Bond between a brother and sister is unbreakable. Raksha Bandhan is one of the most cherished and lovable festivities that is celebrated across India. It symbolizes the bond that a brother and ...
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