India’s Independence Day

India’s Independence Day- Struggle Ended Or Started?


India’s Independence Day, reminds us the struggle for freedom.

What does Independence mean to you?


Freedom is the birthright of every individual. India got freedom on August 15th 1947. We celebrate that day as India’s Independence Day. Temptation to enhance more wealth and to earn fame and power led our country, India, slave to the Britishers for many years.

They ruled our country and our countrymen were treated as animals in their own country. They were forced to work as a workforce for them. Their lives became miserable. But as the freedom; liveliness is the innate thing, so it led to the protest.

Freedom fighters like, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Azad and many more, led a crusade against the Britishers and even laid their lives, in order to make their country free. Mahatma Gandhi, with his extreme patience and tolerance, fought for years to see India’s Independence Day.


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So the freedom fighters who wanted to make India free, Independence meant a lot to them. They sacrificed their lives to make India an independent country.

They could not enjoy the life of the independent India, and they were aware of it. But they fought for the country as they wanted us to be in free India. They wanted to gift the future generation, an independent country.

Finally India’s Independence Day came as they nourished the country with their bloods and we got our country back from the Britishers. India’s Independence Day reminds us the level of effort our freedom fighters put to see this day.

Now the question here is; the independence India got, do Indians respect that? We got our beautiful country free so, do we take care of that beauty of our country, which was made free with great efforts of our freedom fighters? No!


So the struggle could not end on this day of independence, but the real struggle started against our own. We are still fighting against below issues.

Corruption is a disease, which sucks the progress of any country.

We don’t even care for it now. I am not saying that all of us are careless about the valuable properties of India, but it is true that, most of us do not even care before destroying it.


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Corruption cases since India got freedom are getting uncountable with the time. This matter of shame has been created from the root level till the top. No one cares, what will be the harm of this. Race is still on to get as much bribe as we can.


Struggle to get a neat and clean country- A step towards cleanliness.

The nation for which, several people laid their lives, we are making it a dustbin and governments are bound to launch campaigns like Swachh bharat abhiyan to clean it.

I am not talking about the anti-social elements only. This job of destroying our own properties gets done beautifully by our so called respected people of the society.

We throw garbage all around and spit anywhere we want. In spite of being a public toilet available in the area, we love to piss all around.

The home for which, you fought and got it back after a long time, instead of understanding its significance, we are deteriorating its growth. We are harming its properties by spreading rubbish all around.

Is this a fair thing to destroy the beauty of the home, where you live? If you cannot beautify the world, at least, beautify your home, your nation, as charity begins at home.


Struggle is continue towards illiteracy, poverty, Religious violence in India and many more self created issues.

It is the time to think apart from writing an essay on Independence day, time is asking to write a note for ourselves to get something good for the country. Remind yourself that how much effort we put to get independent.

Now stand together to stay independent, otherwise the issues discussed above will suck the remaining prosperity of the country also and the place will become hell.


We run to other countries, praising their beauty and way of living, and criticizing our home country.

Independence does not give us right to do this. Instead, we should stand together and spread love and brotherhood to make our country, world to us. We will never let go down the sacrifice of our freedom fighters.

Let us make our country neat, clean and beautiful. Let us show the world, the real meaning of independence. The day, we will succeed to make our country beautiful, that will be the India’s Independence Day.

                                                                                       -By Richa Gandhi

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