Relationships breakup or divorce

Multiple Reasons To Celebrate Relationships Breakup Or Divorce.

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Have you celebrated relationships breakup or still ruining you days?

Relationships breakup or divorce is a new beginning, so trust me you are enough to live happily. Whole the world’s happiness lies in you. Learn, how to deal with breakup or divorce.

You must be feeling excited. You have separated yourself from your spouse. I am happy for you, Sintu said with smile. Have you gone mad? she shouted. How can someone be happy after a divorce, she asked?

If you are not happy after divorce, then why did you break the relationship, Sintu asked innocently. No doubt, it’s a legitimate question. If someone had a breakup, it means that person was not happy in the relationship.

So once you leave an unhappy state, you are now in the happiest one.When you come out of a relationship, claiming it a bad experience of life. Obviously! you were not happy, so you decided to separate.

I have found many reasons to celebrate your relationships breakup or divorce as a new start:-


You are not at all meant to be unhappy for even a moment in this world.

Always keep in mind that God has created all of us to live in great happiness. It is your choice, that are you willing to be happy always,or not? How can somebody spend his/her life with a person, who does not understand the value of relationship?

If you would have been happy with your partner, you would not have left him. So, if you had a relationships breakup or divorce, it means, you came out of a worst life. You left the bad experience behind. You are on the new step which is not at all controlled by your past.


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Nature has decided, that you will be more happy without the person, you were with.

We all are the parts of this nature. In fact, nature places us according to our capabilities or you can say karma. Karma has nothing common with your fate, it depends on your decision making and implementing the same.

Why would nature accept you to be suffering in a relationship? Our life is the most precious gift, we have. Wasting, even a single moment of our life being unhappy is not acceptable. So, all that happened in the form of divorce or breakup was the will of the nature and was for your good.

Accept the change, the freedom and the new life positively and welcome this new beginning.

Celebrate your divorce and be excited about the upcoming happy moments of life. You were suffering in that relationship, so now you are free. So go ahead, celebrate your freedom and spread the love you have.

Their are people who understand the value of love. Your past does not have any control on your present.


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Decision making matters, whether it is right or wrong. It is a brave decision and you are not a coward.

Please stop showing your depressed face to the world. This is just a new opportunity provided to you to live your life happily. Nature has given you a second chance to live the life to its fullest.

That is the only way to thank the nature for the gift of beautiful life. Get up and celebrate this new beginning. There is no best time to start over. Your positive attitude towards life will make difference. Start spreading love, which you used to seek, when you were in relationship. This love will return to you in the form of one or other.

If you are not the one, who has gone through this kind of situation, then please help them to initiate their life again. Let them improve the quality of life, as this is their second chance. Stay healthy and stay happy. Respect the gift of life. All the best!

                                                                        -By Kumar

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