Multiple Reasons Of Happiness Should Not Be Ignored.

Multiple reasons of happiness showing girl.

For single reason of sadness, don’t ignore multiple reasons of happiness!

Why can’t we kill that one reason of sadness with multiple reasons of happiness?

She was there with me, just for 8 months. But I lived many years in just these 8 months. I don’t want to get into the complications of life like, why did not she stay with me forever? I just believe that, we have control on our life only.

Other’s life cannot be regulated by us. I was very sad and was feeling like hell. I was trying to observe myself, that was she the only reason of happiness in my life? My heart said “yes”. Heart is nothing but the soft corner of our mind and it always supports the feeling of that particular moment.

But the fact is completely different. In fact, she was one of the reasons of happiness for me and as she left me, so she is the single reason of sadness for me now. So the question is, “why the multiple reasons of happiness get ignored while going through just a single matter of sadness?”


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It should not be ignored. We should be happy in every situation. I know, it is not that easy. But following tips can help you, come out from such situations in just few days.

  1. Try to involve yourself in the task you love most.
  2. Do not tell your story to others, as they will just laugh at your back. But tell yourself that you are awesome and yes you are. 
  3. Read inspirational novels and try to follow few practices out of those novels.
  4. Watch motivational videos and comedy videos as well.
  5. Listen to good songs and it will be better if you can sing at the same time.
  6. When you feel that sadness is overtaking your happiness then take deep breath and repeat step 1.


With the help of these easiest practices, you can come out of the situations like above. Tough situations come in everyone’s life, so keep in mind that you are not the only person, who is facing such a hellish situation.

You can explore things like how to stay happy always, how to get out of depression or how to overcome sadness. But you are the only one, who can bring yourself out of these situations, so I recommend to follow the tips to stay happy.


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Whatever happens in this universe, is beyond our control. But we have to control our own life and that can only be possible, if we can control our mind. Mind control will settle everything in our life. As I have mentioned above that there are multiple reasons of happiness.

So if a single matter of sadness tries to ruin the effort of multiple reasons of happiness, then it is our weakness. This weakness should be removed and that is possible only by mind control.

The ultimate goal of life is to stay happy all the time, so whenever it seems that a negative situation is forcing to be unhappy, just try to recall all those multiple reasons of happiness. We find people complaining about the negative things every now and then.

That mentality can never let you stay happy. When someone demotivates you that you can’t do something, It brings you some anger and you say to yourself that I will definitely do it and show him. This is a good thing.

In the same way, sadness demotivates you that you can’t be happy now. So go ahead and challenge the sadness that, I will never be sad. I was happy, I am happy, and I will be happy till the last breath of my life.

                                                                                     -By Sushant Kumar


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