No God Fearing Tactic Can Be A Substitute Of Humanity.

Humanity Act

Don’t worship God, if you cannot respect his creations!

Loving his creations is the only way to show your respect towards the creator.

While waiting in a queue to get our turn to see and worship the god in the temple, we witness many inhuman acts. At that point of time, most of us seem ready to take any cunning steps to get our turn as soon as possible.
There is no meaning of worshiping god if we do anything wrong to reach god’s home. Always keep in mind that humanity is the religion, we born with.
Any of our self made religious activity is a waste, if inhuman acts are being ignored.
It takes a little kindness to help someone in need. Always try to raise your voice against inhuman acts, because wrong things cannot be justified by any arguments.
How can we justify the importance of going to a temple if we could not do anything for a person seeking help on the way?
Is it really important to offer money to the religious places, if we cannot give it to any of our neighbors who are in need of the same. We see many families around us, who are not capable enough to provide good education to their children, who do not have enough money for their daughter’s wedding.
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Please offer your money directly to them and take their blessings immediately, because God may take some time to bless. I saw a girl in the metro with a religious book in her hand and was sitting on a seat reserved for differently abled. An old man with only one leg was looking at her to get the seat.
People requested the girl to offer the seat to the old man as it was reserved for a person like him only. She argued for 20 minutes, but she did not offer the seat to that man at all. Is there a religious activity for her to substitute her sin against humanity? No!
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How can we justify making our god happy, if we could not make our old parents happy in their remaining days?
The essence is, People who are with us do not see our love or we do not express our love for them, but we show huge respect for the creator, who is invisible. Please change the way and love the things you have in front of you. This is what humanity is and even the God wants the same.
 How do you see being honest to your god, if you are not honest in you relationships with people?
Never try to show your honesty to God. God rules the universe, so god can read our mind. If you really want to be honest, then be honest in you relationships with people here on this planet. Being human is more important.

                                                                                     – By Sushant Kumar


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