Reasons To Commit Suicide

No Reasons To Commit Suicide Could Be Justified.

Life Control Mind Control

If You are also one of them, who ever got any reasons to commit suicide, You are a coward if you even thought of ending life.

Suicide is a plan to run away from responsibilities and go to some other unseen world. Depression is a state of mind, so change the state, not the world!

All of us face various ups and downs in life and according to that we take steps in our life. We work hard towards our dreams and give every ounce of our being in hope of achieving our dreams.

But Remember that, God has not promised you for a smoothly going life in this world. God has created no life, which will be lived without obstacles on earth.

After so much of efforts if we get success we feel all our efforts are paid off. Unfortunately, if anything goes wrong in our life and we were not able to make it, we get so disheartened that we commit suicide just to escape from the pain of failure.

We get so involved in it mentally and emotionally that we get oblivious to the fact that we do not give up alone but leave our loving ones behind with dismay.

Rather than finding out ways to overcome the obstacles, we plan to give up, We don’t only give up putting effort, but also develop reasons to commit suicide. Following are the commonly observed reasons to commit suicide:-

Students commit it because of a lot of pressure in education and failures in competing the crowd. But Remember-

No pain is bigger than your life that is god gifted. It is only you who can make your life worthy. All you need is hope, confidence, self believe and positivity. You will get another chance in one or other way.


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Well settled people go for it, because of family reasons- for example.

A district Magistrate of Baksar( a small town in the state of UP in India), committed suicide because his wife and his parents disliked each other. Baksar DM IAS committed suicide in Delhi because his nature could not match with his wife’s nature.

Life is beautiful and you got it for once, so just make the most out of it. There are several things we can do to come out of depression. The day you will start seeing positivity in everything, every time you will see an another chance to move toward dreams.

Committed people do it because of getting cheated in love or relationships they were in.

I understand the situation and pain a person goes through. So how to overcome depression? First of all, understand that depression is not a disease, but just a conscious state.

Go for self-introspection, seek help from others whom you can rely on. Never think of reasons to commit suicide.Think of the people who love you regardless of whatever you are today and will be in future.

Initially it will be a bit difficult for us, but with time everything will fall into place and you will start taking pleasure in anything that you will do. Choose a path which would give you happiness and respect what you have dreamt of.


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Businessmen or working professionals suicide because of being unsuccessful:-  But remember that every one of us stays successful till the time we keep trying towards the goal.

Think how you can make life work out again. Be persistent with what, you are doing or change the way to do the same.

Eventually you will be satisfied of what you are today. Do not get depressed by thinking of the past and bog yourself down. All you have to care of is present, how you can make it better than past. Make each day count.

Keep yourself busy and do not let negative thoughts distract your mind. Motivate yourself and others by sharing your experiences with everyone and show them a ray of hope. This will give you an immense pleasure and also make you happy.

So do not get hopeless, look around and you will find a reasons worth living for. Suicide is a choice of cowards, be brave and keep fighting.

                                                                                             – By Kumar

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