Are You One Of The Animal lovers? Love People Too!

Animal lovers attitude

Our society is full of animal lovers, but we are lacking with people who love people.

Dear animal lovers, World expects you to reflect same love and affection for people around you. People’s love for people is getting very less with time.

I read somewhere, that according to two major studies, humans love dogs more than their human friends. I don’t say that it is wrong to love animals. But when I asked animal lovers about the same, they said, animals are more honest than humans.

Even I agree that Pets are more loyal than humans, but have you ever observed that all pet lovers give a childlike care and love to their pets? Do humans give same kind of love to other humans? No! Such childlike love comes out of us, either for our children or for our soulmate.


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People do not even care for their old parents and are nor able to understand that childhood repeats itself. The day humans will start giving same level of love to other humans, earth will be most beautiful place than paradise. People lovers asssociations are needed more than animal lovers association.

Love is a powerfulmost weapon to defeat someone and a successfully tested technique to increase your loving network.

Give it a try, give as much love as you can! You will definitely observe the change around you. Just come out of your honesty and loyality expectations mode and spread love uncoditionally, same will be reverted to you, sources might be different.

Your belief makes you successful, so vanish all negative beliefs developed bases your past experiences.

It happens to all of us, that we love and care for someone and he/she does not understand the value of that care. No issues, just move forward and do not make any mindset just because of that experience.

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Few of us experience such careless attitude multiple times, but it is okay, because you can only make yourself awesome. You do not have control on others. But keeping yourself awesome consistently can inspire others to change themselves.

Animals or pets also harm us sometimes out of anger or any other reasons, but we understand these situations.

Same can be understood when we refuse to care for any human being, who done something wrong. All negative experiences in our life are to make us more positive by moving time. We all have good qualities and bad too. But we are made to be awesome.

So understand the fact that honest love is very less on this planet. Make yourself a person, who can add something to this. Do not become a heartless human who reduces love, which is already less here. Do love animals and people too.

Love your country, your society, your family and most important is to love yourself on priority. Start from yourself and let the love spread to all.

                                                                                      -By Sushant kumar


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