Your Past Does Not Have Any Power To Affect What You Do Now.

Forget Past!

Every new day will be a great day, but it depends that how grand you are willing to think.

Your past is nothing but a time which does not exist anymore.

Have you ever imagined that, if every single person on this planet can forget all the crap of gone time, how beautiful this planet will be? If everyone can forget the grudges of past, enemy word will not exist anymore.

If it could have been possible to forget all negative experiences of past, we all would have been a new person every day. But it is not possible to forget the entire past for anyone of us.

So in that case, what could be done, so that the past would not affect the things we have now? The only way you can reduce the effect of past is by compelling yourself to think in this way.

No matter what has happened, every new day is a new chance given by God to start again.

All your negative experiences taught you a lesson and helped you improve your wisdom. You never had this level of wisdom, what you have now. Do think about past, if it benefits you, but we all know that there will not be any benefits of ruining your mood by thinking about your bad experiences. It is better to focus on things in front of us now.


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The moment we enter this new day, nothing in the past has any control over what we have now.

Today, you are entirely different from the person you were. Just open your eyes of innocence to start your journey for your new goal and think big to achieve it.

Today can be a day to persuade all of them who left you,

no matter whose mistakes were there at that point of time or what kind of misunderstandings caused it. People once manipulated you, they can be forgiven for what they did to you in past.

Today can be a day to clean a place, no matter how dirty it was

and who all were responsible to bring that palace into such condition. The place you want to clean, that can be your home, your society or your own canvas of beautiful mind.

This new day can be a day to express love to them, who have been seeking love since birth.

There are people in this world, who never been loved by anyone. They also think that, this is how they will be finishing their life being disliked. Change their thinking and tell them that you love them.


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This day is a new chance to give up-

smoking, drinking alcohol, abusing, teasing, taunting, waking up late, sleeping late, making wrong perceptions, rash driving and all such bad activities to avoid problem in life. Leave all bad habits and embrace all good you have now.

We all have went through one or other tough situations in the past. We lost people, we lost things and we lost precious time. But there is no meaning of thinking about all what gone. Stay happy with all what you have now.

Your happiness will make them happy, who are no more on this planet and are watching you from where they are. Your happiness will give a message to them who lost hope due to some tragic incident. Do focus on your present.   All the best!


                                                                                      -By Sushant Kumar


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