Be a patient listener

Become A Patient Listener- Its Better To Learn From Experiences Of People.


Being a good and patient listener is a talent.

If you were not born with this talent, develop it now!

A Major problem in today’s world which many people suffer from is hastiness. I say this and as you read this, some of you might have already recollected few of the instances where in you would have taken decisions without even thinking or taking proper guidance from some of the good and experienced people.

Other’s Experiences help a lot in taking mature decisions.

Over the years I have learnt that we are not ready to hear from others and take their experienced thoughts because one thinks that “I know everything.” Always listen to others and keep the talks in mind, which are really beneficial for you.


Who is the appropriate personality to be consulted in a particular situation.

How many times we have seen that somebody took a decision and the result of it was catastrophic and then feeling bad about not consulting someone, not paying heed to someone’s guidance.

Guidance does play a vital role in everyone’s life. No one is perfect. One should be humble and patient to get guided in order to deal with tough situations.

Being a patient listener, we learn the lesson of becoming a good speaker.

It was said that a good listener becomes a good speaker. In order to get a good execution of your thoughts you need to ponder on thoughts of many people. As Mark Zuckerberg is a patient listener and is well known as a good speaker too.

When one listens patiently, one gets to know others point of view. It is always important to know what others think about the situations before making the decisions.

In the article Think before you speak, we have covered the benefits of being  sensible before speaking, so in the same manner, we should listen to others to understand the discussion better to give a sensible answer.


Jack of all trades, master in none.

We cannot be perfect and right in all matters, one need to understand what others think and what the people had gone through in their life. Learn to hear many people and their stories and adapt those things which are good and helpful for you in the tough situations.


A combined thought of many people would result in an excellent execution.

There are many things kept for us but just one of our wrong thinking that we know everything does not allow us to meditate and think and hear on someone else’s point of view.

So, people! This article is to help you understand the importance of being a patient listener. Organizations conduct sessions and seminars on active listening to improve the listening skills of their employees.

Great leaders and speakers like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, APJ Abdul Kalam, Narendra Modi, Sandeep Maheshwari and Nelson Mandela were always proved to be good listeners also.

                                                                                  – By Sajan

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