Powerful Steps To Overcome Evil With Good.

Person doing evil

Treating bad with bad has never been advised in any religion.

In today’s world we all are eventually facing lot of challenges and evil situations, no matter what religion you belong to or what culture you are being raised in to. Many of us are finding it real hard in order to resolve these evil things happening with us or coming our way.

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Below are some of the Practical, Effective and Powerful steps that one should remember and should always take while fighting with these ungodly Things :-

  • Always love without any hypocrisy. Always remember that the love returns.
  • Hate Evil, but not person doing it. Although that person is a victim of evil, one should help that person to overcome it
  • Hold on and remember the Positive things and good things. This would keep you calm in a situation where-in you might be on a verge of losing your temper
  • Be ready to show a brotherly love to one another by giving preference to each other.
  • Keep rejoicing in everything. Hold on to a hope that something good would happen. This would eventually result in fighting a major evil – “Depression”
  • Learn to keep and be patient before reacting in every situation. This would give you a time to think about the situation. As a result you would be able to make a wise decision before reacting.
  • Do not curse anyone, instead try blessing them. Cursing someone does not finish the evil.
  • Be humble in whatever you have. Humbleness is the key to overcome a hard situation.
  • Do not be wise in your own Opinion. Give others a chance and have a listening ear, so that others opinion may help you. Learn to observe things around you and you will find everything in this world is connected to one another in some way.
  • Always give regard for good things. Do not let you down when you are seeing something evil coming to you
  • Have a peaceful heart and live peaceably with everyone. Handle every situations by keeping oneself calm.
  • Feed the enemy if they are hungry. This will change the person doing bad, eventually overcoming the bad.
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In all, learn not to repay evil with evil, try showing positivity and keep in mind the above important aspects. It is in us and we can do it. Try showing above attitude in each and every aspect and day to day lives.

“Do not be overcome by Evil, but Overcome Evil with good”.


                                                                                     –  By Sajan

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