I am proud of Narendra Modi!

Narendra Modi

His life Inspires us.

Are You proud of Narendra Modi?

I am really proud of Narendra Modi, and I feel great when I discuss anything about this great Indian personality. The man, who once sold tea, became chief minister of Gujarat, and it happened only because he had a vision.

He converted that into reality with his sheer determination and perseverance over the years. By changing his dreams into reality he has achieved what he dreamt of.

He has also given others a sense of Positive thinking. He has given the hope that everything is possible if you consider something as your only goal. He showed that his only goal was to serve India.


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People who were not interested in politics, they also started taking interest. This happened due to-

  1. Endeavour and the miracles performed by Modi.
  2. He has represented India internationally so effectively that other countries also feel like dropping down their guns and getting into common grounds.
  3. At the age of 65 he is travelling across countries without any cease.
  4. He just sleeps 4-5 hours only to make a mark and make India a place every country has ever dreamt to be.

Narendra Modi-India

Modi is leaving no stone unturned and his efforts are beyond compare and commendable.  Every leader sets certain goals hold a certain position by assuring citizens of India. They promise about the welfare of India but Narendra Modi has proved that, he is a man of his words.

Indians are proud of Narendra Modi, as he is putting his maximum efforts to fulfill the requirements and the promises made to the Indians. People are proud of Narendra Modi because-

  1. He is a hope for all those, who have been always put down by their own fellow beings.
  2. People who got advice to give up on their dreams as they are under privileged and financially unstable, by his actions he has conveyed a powerful message that do not stop dreaming.
  3. Work relentlessly for your dreams and no one will be able to stop you from achieving what you want.
  4. His attitude of respecting his opponents, working on their criticism and punctuality has made him a man he is today.


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To Sum up in few words, listen to everyone but implement your own ideas into actions and never overlook your inner voice. No doubt, his attitude has smitten us so far.

 Narendra Modi has had progress in many fields. Be it Indian railway, agricultural field, women empowerment, defense or infrastructure. He is thinking of the development in every field.

He is a multi tasker, who has only one goal that is to change its status from developing country to developed country. Similarly, his genuine concern for women security and female foeticide has given a sense of relief to every woman.

A man, who is working hard day in and day out and has sacrificed his personal life, so that we can live peacefully, we can get all the necessities of life. We should be proud of Narendra Modi.

The impact and spark that he has made after his visit to US, will attract many foreigners to stand in queue for visa to India. He broke many stereotypes. One of them is that a single man cannot bring any change.

All we need is will power and Passion and then the world will see the wonders you will make. Let us wish him, all the best for his vision for India. May god bless Narendra Modi.


                                                                                     – By Sushant kumar


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