Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan- An Unbreakable Thread Of Love.


Raksha Bandhan is not just an essay topic.

Bond between a brother and sister is unbreakable.

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most cherished and lovable festivities that is celebrated across India. It symbolizes the bond that a brother and sister shares ever since they come into life.

The immense love and care for each other that is hidden behind the fights over silly things ,angry faces and the statement that “I do not want to see your face ever” this is what Raksha Bandhan is all about.

The promise that a brother makes with all his heart to look after the much loved sister.

He forgives her for the weirdest actions that might be done by her throughout her life Is all about this most talked festival. This is the only occasion wherein a brother does not put anything in his mouth till the time his sister does not sweeten his mouth with any of the sweets.




It’s not an obligation, but the unconditional love that only a brother holds for his sister. He does not ask for anything in return. He gives away everything without uttering a single word from his mouth.

He never makes you realize anything he has been doing all along. He always puts his sister first than rest of the things.

There’s a saying that a father should treat his daughter as a friend but the truth is-

Most of them are not able to make it as the age difference comes in between and it makes a big difference as what seems right to them becomes burdensome for the daughter.

The mismatch of thoughts turn into conflict and it ruins the relationship between a father and his daughter which he has nurtured for years.

Here a brother comes into picture as there is no generation gap between both of them and they understand each other well. Both of them can get into each other’s shoes and find a common ground for themselves.

A brother proves to be a true friend with whom you can share everything.

Even your personal secrets can be shared, laugh your heart out, get angry at for no reasons, and vent out others frustration at, show tantrums at. Brother makes you smile when you feel low and does not even want to say hi to anyone.

The funny gestures that he makes just to bring back the sweet smile on his sister’s face are really awesome. He always stands by your side even when your parents are against you and act as a mediator between both of them. In short he binds everyone together.


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A brother is the only one who knows how to forget and forgive.

Whose lecture is tolerable to you even if it is for hours? Every girl wants a brother like Ravan who gave up on everything to seek revenge, be it his empire or life because his sister was insulted.

I hope the bond between a brother and his sister gets stronger with each passing day and that the Raksha Bandhanis celebrated with the same joy and excitement as it is celebrated now.

                                                                                       -By Kumar

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