How To Quit Smoking

How To Quit Smoking- Simple and Easy steps.

Habits Control Health

Yes ! You can overcome smoking habit easily, don’t worry how to quit smoking, just forget it. 

Just don’t remember smoking, whether to do or not, forget it.

Youngsters initially start off with a thought of exploring and experimenting, as at this age temptations are high and they want to try on everything. But gradually it gets into their habit, they start liking it and soon they get addicted to it.

Smoking is directly proportional to stress. People treat smoking as a stress buster. It is also a style Icon for few. Later it becomes difficult to find how to quit smoking and they keep searching things like “how to quit smoking tips” or ” how to quit smoking in 15 days” on internet.

Let us discuss that, what people think and what are the facts about smoking?

  • People say that smoking reliefs them from stress and pain.
  • The scientific reason behind is that cigarettes contain nicotine which contains chemical that directly goes to brain which releases stress.
  • But after smoking one cigarette, if a person is without cigarette for a while, the person starts getting irritated because of nicotine discharge which demands for next one and it continues.
  • Smokers do not understand that it’s just a temporary solution to stress. It’s just a way to escape from troubles and difficulties for a while and after when you come out of intoxication the problem remains the same.


Smoking should never be an option as it does not only hollow you from within but always hurts your dear ones. It starts building a gap between you and the one who loves you.


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Passive smoking is also dangerous and others get affected because of you. Smoking has various negative effects. People who are addicted to it, when do not get it, it makes them go crazy.

It becomes the root cause of irritation, sleepless nights, vomiting, depression and isolation. A point comes when they get ready to go to any despicable lengths to get a cigarette, as they can no longer live without it.

Just ponder over your family and friends who have always been there for you, your parents who have brought you up they won’t be able to see you going through this struggle. People should self-introspect and quit smoking.

They should find the real reason of stress and try to prevent it rather than practising escapism. Just find out the cause and cure it and just quit smoking.

Talk to someone about it, which you can count on like your close friend or best friend. Reach out to a counsellor and discuss the problem with him/her.

Following practices can help you to quit smoking-

  1. Exercise daily as it helps a lot in releasing stress, energies you and strengthens you to face any hurdle easily.
  2. To overcome the addiction of smoking you can keep yourself busy with things like playing your favourite games, chit chatting with your friends, reading novel and going for a walk.
  3. Just indulge yourself in your hobbies.
  4. Do not think about the practices of how to quit smoking, just keep yourself involved in something else to forget it.
  5. Initially it will be a bit difficult but believe you me, it will be worth fighting for and when you will come out of it you will find a new you with new energy, freshness and enthusiasm in you.

It is the time to give up smoking and let the society stay healthy. Start with yourself and inspire others as well.

                                                                                       – By Kumar

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