Best sad songs- make you cry

Stop Being A Fan Of Best Sad Songs- They Suck Energy.

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Do you also have best sad songs of Bollywood or Hollywood in your playlist?

 Remove them, right away! Sad songs spread negativity.

Play some old songs for me, son! My grandmother asked me to help her with old songs. I picked some old songs from the internet and played her favorite ones. My grandmother likes to listen to old sad songs.

While listening to these songs, she feels the songs from the core of her soul and her eyes seem teary with the sad situations in the song. So the question comes in my mind, that, is it good to make yourself sad?

The music, which is one of the best means of entertainment, is always there to make you happy. If it makes you sad, I am sorry, but it is not an entertainment. How can something be entertaining, if it brings you sadness?

How can sad songs be someone’s choice of entertainment? These questions really compel me to think over the mentality behind it. Are you also one of them who search top heart broken songs ever?

It is not just about our old generations, I have observed that, young generation is also fond of sad music. Our grandparents listen to old sad music. The people in their thirties or forties listen to the 90’s sad music. Lastly, our Youngsters, listen to the sad songs of 20th century.


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Sad music gets composed, to give a real feel to the scenario, it is played with.

But why do we love to listen to these sad songs repeatedly? Why do we have a folder named best sad songs? Let me clarify the reason. Our life is full of ups and downs. We all go through different tough situations in life.

The type of condition, we go through, we choose a collection of songs, favoring that situation and keep ourselves stifling. Whenever I travel in an auto rickshaw or in a public bus, most of the time, I find the driver playing sad music.

99 percent of the truck drivers play songs, spreading negativity. Friends, you all are aware of our website’s tagline, which says, negativity sucks and it is a global truth.

Listening to the negative music will only ruin your mood and will lower down the energy level.

Go for an experiment to understand this thing by your-self. Do it, when you are in a normal mood. Choose one sad and one rocking song. Listen to both the songs one by one and record your energy level and the facial expressions in a camera while listening to those songs.


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When you will see the recording, I bet, there will be a huge difference in the mood and the energy levels. Positive and negative are the poles apart, you should always keep in mind.

Frankly speaking, the intention of the music is to change the mood, so why to use this means of entertainment to spoil the mood?

Time is very precious and so is life. If you are investing time in listening to music, then it is better to invest it for happiness. It is better to invest in listening to positive music.

If you are in a bad mood, so rather than listening to the sad music to make the mood worst, it is better to listen to positive songs, to pull yourself out of the bad mood for some time. It is for all of them, who listen to negative music for even a minute.

Please throw the “best sad songs collection” out of your music library and make a collection of “best romantic songs ever” or “best motivational songs ever”.

Happiness is your birthright and sadness is not there in your dictionary. If music is something to entertain, then let it entertain you and stop it, if it pulls your mood down. Listen to positive music and stay positive.

                                                                                      -By Kumar

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