Lie Is Better Than Truth

Such A Lie Is Better Than Truth- Try And See The Difference


What kind of lie is better than truth?

Be such a liar, whose lie can give him a strength to live the life he dreamt of.

We all have heard that, we should not tell a lie. How did I find out the fact which proves that such a lie is better than truth? I observed it through my own experiences.

I got a novel from somewhere and I found something in that.We all are fans of movie actors. We find characters played by them interesting and that is why we became their fans.

Roles in-acted by them inspire us. In fact, we like their reel life, not the real life character they are. We find those reel life characters always a good human being.

They always seem full of confidence and self- motivated. They fight for the truth and fight against the bad activities of the society. We accept them fighting for the sake of their love.

They always take care of all the relationships, be it parents, siblings or friends. But in reality, our film actors are not what they in-act. The characters played on screen are a lie because that is not what the actor really is.


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But my intention here is not to criticize others, but to show that reel life character is a lie and this lie is better than truth. I have discovered such a category of lies, which make you strong.

Always say that you are rich, don’t accept that you are poor.

This feeling of poorness makes you weak. Showing yourself poor will either bring you fake sympathy or will bring you to a class where people are poor because of poor thinking. In fact, you have everything if you are fit and healthy to do any job. Poorness is a state of mind. Think rich and become rich. Become a real life hero.

Present yourself in such a smarter way, which makes people jealous of you, It will bring a confidence of winner and will make you stronger.

It really matters, how you present yourself whether it is fake but this defines a class of yours in others mind. It is better that people keep you in a class which is either of their level or higher. Don’t let yourself be in a lower class.


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Always imagine yourself as a person you dreamt to become and show the same personality to the world.

Pretend to be a person or in-act a character everyday, you want to become, you will definitely become that someday. This lie will bring you near to your destination a bit faster. It is said that if you dream something with open eyes, universe conspires to make you the same.

The essence is, a lie which does not harm anybody, that lie is better than truth. Above lies are just to make you stronger and confident to become successful.

                                                                                – By Kumar

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