Take Care Of Aging Parents like you kids

Take Care Of Aging Parents Like Your Children- Feel Them

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Childhood repeats itself, so don’t expect your old parents to be sensible enough to understand things. Take care of aging parents like you do for your children.

Do remember that children just demand, they like most and they just understand the language of love.

Why cannot you stay out of this? Karan shouted. Why do I need to remind you every now and then? Do not try to be a part of any conversation between me and my wife, he shouted again.

The moment became shameful, as his old father did not say anything and went to his room with tears in his eyes. It compelled me to think, is it that hard to understand the feelings of our aging parents? How can we expect our children to understand our feelings once we will be senior citizens? 


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Don’t let your old parents live alone. What to keep in mind while you take care of your aging parents.

Aging parents become like children and children are not supposed to be left alone.

When we were children, our parents used to take care of us without even a stress on their face. Child care is not an easy task. You will have to understand every feeling of your child and will have to deal accordingly with humility and love.

If You will try to deal with any demand of your child in a strict way, your child can breakdown. Same goes with the case when you take care of aging parents, you will have to deal with them carefully.

If you think, you are a good person, then let me remind you that it’s only because your parents nourished your childhood in a perfect way. You will also try to repeat the same with your children.

If you think that by providing sufficient food and shelter to your aging parents, you can make them happy, then you are wrong.

When our age crosses 60, our mind becomes downgrading from an adult’s mind to a child’s mind. It happens to all the senior citizens, be it a scientist with perfect state of mind or a farmer with just a normal mind. Children seek love and only love. Our Senior citizens do seek the same love.


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While dealing with your old children also, you will have to be careful enough, as you were with your new child. Taking care of your senior citizens will also need a same level of dedication and sacrifice. Take out time for them out of your busy schedule.

There is a proverb,”As you sow so shall you reap” which can never be proved wrong.

If you can take care of your senior citizens in a better manner, then and only then, you can expect the same from your juniors, when you will be on that stage. So the service you are doing to your elders, is for your good.

Everyday we read news like someone killed his mother, People throw their old parents out, they beat their old parents, they leave their aging parents crying for them alone. They do not qualify to be categorized as human.

Old age homes are nothing but a curse to the society and for them who got thrown out by their children. Never let your old parents go anywhere else away from you to stay. Keep them with you only.

Take their hands in the hand of yours and trust their bliss. Always try to listen to them and fulfill their need in a manner they want it to be. They are not here for long. Try to spend time with them and involve in the task, they love to do. If they will be happy, they will carry happy memories with them.

Remind yourself right now, what they did for your good. Return them a small percentage of same service at least. Old parents are the assets of the family, even when they are completely bedridden.Old family members are like gems and only lucky families have those gems. Please take care of them with

                                                                                           -By Kumar

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