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Negativity Sucks

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The intention of launching”Think India positive” is a humble effort to bring some positive improvements in life. We are the one, who do not believe in negative thinking at all.  

Think India Positive, is a platform which helps you to make yourself such a positive thinker, who stays with positive attitudes in even a worst scenario. Our articles help you to motivate yourself to choose the best and leave the rest.

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There are people of different religions, traditions and with different perspectives for the same things. Although, we have almost everything here, to be proud of, but still, 90% of our population focuses on the negative aspects of the scene.

We do not understand the value of positive attitude in life. Why does it happen to most of us? It happens because of the society, we are raised in. If there are no, negative news in the newspaper or on TV channels, we never find it interesting.

I do not say that, there is no negativity around us. Yes! There are tough situations, where we need to fight, but to keep moving with the positive attitude can definitely make a difference.

Rather than blaming someone else for the bad effects of a scenario, its better to take a positive step towards resolving the issue. Being a part of some comfort zone, commenting about anything seems easy, but taking an initiative to make it better, never even comes to our thought.

We don’t take responsibility at personal level to make a change, we just accept it to be done by someone else. If someone else does it, rather than appreciating that person for his/her efforts, we try to find out as many mistakes, we can. If no one does it, then we keep blaming the country or the society.

Think India Positive, will provide you a way to overcome such ridiculous habits and will guide you to make yourself a person, full of positive energy and to develop a best attitude.There are nothing like problems in anyone’s life, there are only challenges, hiding success behind them.

Get out of your comfort zone and take a pledge to bring yourself to make a decision to love yourself a lot. Start focusing on self development, it will really change the environment around you.

Take responsibility and start from your home, it will change the society, which will lead to the development of your country. It is my appeal, Think India positive! from now on-wards and make yourself a pride.

Keep telling yourself that you are awesome and always follow the concept of -Choose the best and leave the rest. Help the people, who really need some one’s help, love the people who really seek love, take care of your loved ones as precious assets and trust that the return gift would be given to you by the nature, who has created all of us.

This blog, Think India Positive, discusses every topic related to our life, however it discusses the positive aspects only. Let us make a habit to think positive.

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