Think Before You Speak

Think Before You Speak Anything.

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Your words define what you are, so think before you speak.

People speaking meaningful are welcomed everywhere.

Think before you speak statement has a deep meaning hidden in it. It seems to be just a statement of four words, but these four words have the power to rise you up above all or to make your existence extinct.

It defines who you are and what you are up to in your life. People judge you or you can say form an impression of you just by what you speak and how you portray your feelings.

It does not matter what clothes you wear, how good you are looking as long as you don’t think before you speak. All your efforts to look good and form an impression of you on others go waste if you speak without thinking.

Why to use statements like I did not mean it, you took me wrong or do not take it otherwise.

Why to justify yourself later on and give unnecessary clarifications when the ball gets out of your court? Something said is said, it cannot be changed or manipulated.


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Humans are forgotten but not their words. They are remembered for years even after the person’s demise. People remember you for the words you have spoken.

Even a dumbest person, when keeps quiet is respected by all.

The words that you speak can make you a hero or a moron. The consequences of not thinking before speaking can be very embarrassing. People will make fun of you, if you do not sound intellectual or wiser.

But what about people who are wise enough but when frustrated or irked by others, speak without thinking. On the spur of the moment they speak what comes to their mouth with wondering what it might cost them.

You can even lose your job, your dearest friends or everything that you have earned both personally and professionally. You might keep regretting for your entire life just because you did not think before speaking

Speaking fluidly is fine with your close ones but it does not hold with everyone. People won’t take you seriously.

They will Ignore you and treat you like nobody. It’s fine if you are not as intellectual as others but you can pretend to be one of those if you stress over think before you speak. People will listen to you, they will value you.


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Famous personalities like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Subhash Chandra Bose were best speakers of their time. People love to listen the speeches of Narendra Modi. But most of the leaders do not have control on their words, so people never care for what they say.

As there is a saying that precaution is better than cure, so you can take some preliminary steps.

Furious people are aware of their temperament, so they should control their temper if they get annoyed with one and should frame their sentences first on their mind before speaking. They should just be more observant of their words as they might be spoiling the mood of others.

People who are not that intellectual should speak less till the time they do not analyse the other person properly. After that, they can think over what to speak and how much to speak to that person.

In short all you need not to get over excited or too dumb over anything and think before you speak. It will take a while for you to think before speaking and will bring great changes in your life.

                                                                                        -By Kumar

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