Tips To Don’t Let Any Area Of Your Life Be Out Of Integrity!

Be in Integrity

If there is any single area of life which is out of integrity, bring it under integrity.

Do work on the weak areas of your life, to succeed in every way.

A person with any physical disability, comes under differently abled category. I am sorry to say, but most of us are differently abled in some or other way. What if you are rich and you do not have a good health?

What if you have a nice health and body but do not have enough money? In the same way, if you have health and wealth but do not have humanity, the matter is of great concern. If any area of our life is out of integrity, it definitely affects all other areas also. Let me explain, how it happens.

A person,who is not happy in a relationship, for him this problem will affect his social and professional life.

Look at famous Bollywood celebrities lifestyle, players and leaders, their relationships affected their career a lot. On the other hand look at a person like Shahrukh Khan, whose better relationship status always helped him.


If you have alcohol addiction, It will affect you important works, health and family life.

Recent example is Kapil Sharma controversy, who is a nice person and has everything these days, but a single area out of integrity brought him huge disaster. Kapil Sharma Show’s TRP went down because of this only.


You are truly successful, but disliked, your not being good person is causing this.

We find famous doctors, engineers, business persons, who never help anyone so they are successful but disliked. Their helping nature is out of integrity.

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So friends! the real success in nothing but to be successful in all areas of life. Do not get confused between the difference of all areas and all skills. No one can be perfect in all skills. So this article is discussing being good in all areas of your life as an individual. These tips can help you bring all areas under integrity.

  • Have a purpose in life and throw all your strength in the work leading towards your purpose.
  • Make a list of weak areas of your life and work to strengthen them.
  • Look into the life of successful people, read their stories and see, how they have worked on all areas?
  • Be focused on most important areas of life but do not ignore the rest.
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It is said that one rotten part can pollute the rest, so do not leave any area of your life untouched. Do take care of your soul, your body, your work, your family, your dreams, Your friends, your society, your country and finally the purpose for which we are here on this planet. You should be united and your life should succeed in all ways.


                                                                                       – By Sushant Kumar


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