What is life all about?

What is Life-A Game like chess

What is life? It is a game full of excitements and suspenses.

Keep playing consistently, survival of the fittest is proved here.

He was blaming his father for his unsuccessful career. According to him, if his father would have cherished him with money, his situation would have been better than, it is now. I do not agree, I said!

It is true that your past got controlled by your father’s conditions, however the present and the future is completely under your control. If you will train your mind to achieve your goals with great confidence, life will be bringing everything to you.

What is life? It is a question, which has been getting asked since the life came into existence. Let me mention here, what I have understood about it.

Life is a game and we all are the players here on this planet.

The creator has given different powers or, you can say talents to overcome the obstacles in the game. Let me remind you that the talents are different but the powers are same in them.


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All the gifts, we need to enjoy, are available in this game. You are free to get, what you want. The way to get these things seems a bit tough; however that is the meaning of a game.

You have to keep walking. You will fall down, does not matter. Stand up and start walking again, it will definitely matter.

See, if every one of us will get all the precious gifts of nature, without putting any effort for it, we will never find the gifts exciting. But if, we will get it after a reasonable struggle, the taste of the gift will be amazing.

Life is a series of ups and down, that helps your mind grow constantly and do not let it become stagnant.

In fact, a person always learns from the vicissitudes of life and this learning makes you grow that is the growth of mind. You must have heard about Gurmeet Ram Rahim rape case in Haryana,(A state of India). Is that what life is? No! That is an example of achieving heights on the price of humanity.


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To become a good human being, mind has to conquer many thoughts and also has to rise above small things. This can only be achieved by learning the lessons given from life.

Do not worry if any time you fail, as this failure will teach you something new.

One should never be disheartened by any disappointments, instead feel it, accept it then see the miracle. You will gain the strength to face that, instead of getting depressed.

Just as a coal under strong heat and pressure becomes diamond, similarly a person who has struggled and faced the burning challenges of life and has suffered the pain, becomes compassionate.

This kind of person cannot see other people suffering; as this person knows the pain. In addition to that, the person becomes lovable. As the diamond sparkles, the person who has seen the suffering, bared the pain, becomes the light of love and compassion, as he has known the truth.

The mind always vacillates between past and future and seems unable to accept the reality. Once you accept it, feel it, you become free at that moment.

Stop blaming the world for what you are, nature has been waiting for you to come and grab all the gifts of life. Keep walking. Keep working. All the best!

                                                                                       -By Richa Gandhi


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