What Is Religion- your belief

What Is Religion- Keeping Faith works?


My belief might be good/bad, but it has power to bring almost everything in my favor. I know what is religion to me.

Faith settles all the challenges and brings a positive energy.

I reached the hospital to see a friend of mine. His condition was critical, according to the doctor. He had a major accident. His entire family was there with teary eyes and must be praying for the betterment of the patient.

I talked to almost everyone there. All were saying that the chances of survival were almost negligible. I was very sad about my friend. Suddenly, an inner voice woke me up. Hey Sushi! Aren’t you thinking negative?

You are supporting the pessimism, which has been created by everyone, present here. I closed my eyes and meditated inwardly. I tried to connect the one I keep faith in.

I thanked him for providing at least a small chance of survival of the patient. After that point of time, whosoever came to see the patient, I informed them that the patient will be fine within a week. Now the question is-

What is faith? what is religion? What happens, if you keep such faith? Below are my wisdom.


Faith is one of the most powerful and effective requisite of life, I have ever experienced.

We all have heard many stories that what is faith and who brought changes by keeping faith in god. So was that the God’s power, which brought changes?

No! It was the job of that energy which got created by faith of the person mentioned. Every one wants to know what is religion, but very less are aware that this kind of faith is what religion is.

One more question arises here, that whom should we keep faith in? What is religion to us?

Faith can be in anybody or anything; it will definitely be supported by the nature if it will be stronger.  It can be in god, you can have faith in blessings of your parents. You can have faith in wishes of your loving ones.

You can have faith in a statue or an imagination. If your belief is strong, be it in a material or a living being, a different kind of force or the spirit works on your behalf. In fact, it always tries to create everything good for you.

If you keep faith in something, your heart trusts that, it will help you at every step of your life. This thinking of yours, brings a confidence in you, and assures you that whatsoever will happen, it will definitely be for your good.

Faith creates positive environment and reduces negativity. Positive environment generates positive energy which increases the chances of success and that is what I was trying to do there in the hospital.

So after gaining this level of positivity, it’s your positive energy which works to settle the challenges. So the trusted spirit, who was working to make situations better, was none other than you.

When you go through a tough situation and it seems that everything is beyond control, trust that the spirit will work on your behalf and it will make conditions better.

Thinking about the negative consequences of an act, will create negativity around you and will avoid the spirit to work for your good.

At some point of time, every one of us goes through tough situations and we feel helpless. At that point of time, we only pray to the one we have faith in. So most of the time, it pulls us out from the worst condition and shows us a ray of hope.

Always keep in mind that we have someone with us, wherever we go and trust that your faith will never let the bad happen. Trust someone blindly and keep struggling till the last ounce of your energy, and believe that rest will be taken care by the one you have faith in.

Now see what is religion- You are the religion!

                                                                                        -By Kumar

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