You Become, What You Think

You Become, What You Think- Tried And Tested

Life Control Mind Control

Our  Positive thinking has placed us, where we are today. It is proved that You Become, What You Think.

Understand the power of positive thinking.

How many of us used to think lot of times that we are good for nothing, we are useless, we do not have a purpose, why are we exactly living? I would say, out of every 10 individuals, there would be 7 such people, who would think like this.

Have you ever realized, whatever we think on or whatever we meditate on and whatever our mind focuses on, we end up doing that, or becoming like that?

One of the real life instances if I quote- there are many people, who are being bullied during their school life, college life, or at work or in family itself. One thinks that they are meant to be like that only, this thinking eventually grows daily, and the person end up becoming a coward.

Rather if the person at the initial level itself has had a thinking that one can fight with all these, the consequences, such as cowardliness, depression and people getting chance to bully them would have been very less. You can not neglect this fact that You Become, What You Think.


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Many of the parents want their children to become something or the other in their life. There would always be a clash of thoughts. Your parents would think that you can do well in a profession, but it is you who can realize it best that what you can become.
A person growing from scratch always carry a positive thinking. A person growing economically or physically in a positive manner has an increased thought process in the positive way too.
Keep in mind few of the below things that would definitely help you to develop positive thinking and end up becoming a better personality.

One cannot control the things happening in their life, but they can certainly control on their thinking.

So start thinking about excellent things.

Have a joyful heart 

This would always lead to a happy personality who would have a great thinking and a wonderful point of view towards life.

Do not Fear 

This is one of the root cause, which tends to give birth to a negative thinking. Take for an example, one fears crowd or public, this would increase the thought process in a negative way, and the person would not be able to face a large gathering whatever may happen.

On the other hand, if one odd day, the person suddenly gives positive thinking a way to his/her mind, the fear would go away and that person would never again think the same way.


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So from today onward let us start thinking what we haven’t done yet. Do not ponder or think those things which are harming us. Start thinking those things which can change our lives.
Have a great thinking, have a great mind-set, have a positivism in everything that you do or face. Fear nothing and have an attitude that everything is possible for me – because a great thinking would eventually lead to a great personality.

                                                                                                                         -By Sajan

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